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Multiplier Events

Two Multiplier Events
E1 - To disseminate IO1 and IO2, organized by CONIL
19/09/2022 in Romania.

The agenda was the presentation of the magically
educational research-action model and the participatory laboratories (structure and tool).
The achieved objectives are:
disseminate project results,
expand the impact on new target audiences,
involve young people to increase their awareness, self-esteem and critical thinking,
involve adults / educators to give a new way to develop the transversal skills of young people.
The one-day event provided for the presentation of the model and the workshops and the subdivision of the participants into working groups to reflect on the application of this new
strategy in the world of education and to collect constructive feedback to undertake subsequent steps.
E2 - To disseminate IO3, organized by CRAS
May, 2023 in Poland

The second multiplier event will take place at the end of the 24 project months and will be organized by the Polish partner, who will invite 70 local and 35 foreign participants. The
agenda will be the presentation of the documentary film and the final publication.
The event, lasting two days, includes the plenary screening of the documentary film and the presentation of the final publication.
Then the participants divided into working groups will be asked to reflect on what they have seen and to compare themselves to identify future developments and follow-up actions.
The set objectives are:
- disseminate intellectual outputs,
- identify new recipients and new areas of development,
- collect the results of what emerged both during project activities and during transnational events (TPM, multiplier events, short mobility).

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